Click to see Kazaam and the rest of the Renaissance Gang on Animal Planet's Dogs 101

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♥ Wonder Dogs♥

Click here to see our beautiful Cotons on Animal Planet's Dogs 101

Animal Planet's Dogs 101 aired on October 2, 2010.  It featured quite a few of our Cotons de Tulear along with a few other breeds.  For the most part, I think they did a great job presenting the breed.
Kazaam was the main man displayed in front of a white background that was shot in their Manhattan studio.  It's very hard to portray their true beauty on a white background, but I think he still looked fabulous!
Also included in their presentation was Koda being brushed as they talked about their cottony coat, Kazaam being pet on my deck by my nephew, Olive and Kylie standing up on their back legs..anything for a treat...Chyna and Rose, Nevaeh and lots more of Kazaam.

What's cuter than puppies in a suitcase?
Below Renaissance Leo and Kylie of Renaissance, having a ball at the studio and getting so much attention.

♥The beautiful Koda♥

More pictures and video coming soon.

Below is a link that will bring you to some pictures of Animal Planet filming at my home.

Animal Planet Dogs 101 comes to CT to film our dogs.

♥Renaissance Cotons Wonder Dogs♥

 Please check out Renaissance Niko's big debut in the 2010 Collector's Edition of Dogs USA.
Click the link below to bring you to his story.

Read about Niko's debut in Dogs USA Magazine

Niko also modeled for Fetch dog catalog. Niko is owned and loved by Theresa Fox of Maine.

Here at Renaissance Cotons, we are so proud of our little Roxy.  Here is what Barbara and Brian Thompson of New York have to say:
 We adore our beautiful Roxy. She was a SERVICE DOG before she was even trained. She JUST KNEW when something was wrong with Brian's Oxygen equipment. She WOKE US UP around 3am. We told a friend the story & I started laughing when she said train her to be a service dog. We thought it was a joke.WELL---Roxy is our angel. We knew we had to do the training. Who knows what would have happened that night if she didn't wake us. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH. Thank You Lynn Baron. You were Roxy's FIRST MOMMY, & you breed VERY INTELLIGENT Cotons!!!! We love you too.You are special. Barbara & Brian Thompson
♥Roxy is so proud of her Service Dog Certificate♥
♥How cute is she with her little service vest on♥
♥Roxy just LOVES her new service badge♥
Below is Samson owned and loved by Dr Dale Atkins (also pictured) after receiving his Therapy Dog Certification. Samson is very busy visiting nursing homes and dancing his way into everyone's hearts.  Way to go Samson and Dale.