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Thursday, December 29, 2011

♥Website is up an running again..YAY♥

My apologies for my main website being down for a day or two.  Some people have nothing better to do I guess.
Since I'm here, a quick update...Nevaeh's pups are going for their 8 week check up tomorrow.  They will begin leaving for their new homes next weekend.  I know they will make wonderful companions and family members.  They really are great little puppies.  Olive's pups will be leaving on the following weekend.  What will we do?  Maybe sleep a little later in the morning :)  We will miss them though.
Since Chyna came into season 2 months early she was skipped again.  Ally looks like she will come into season any day now..she will most likely be bred.  She is 2 years old and it will be her first litter.  All of her health testing has been done and will be sent into OFA and CERF as soon as I find a little time to do so.  Nikita also passed all of her health tests.  Niki is still young.  She will be 2 in August.  Possibly puppies for her later next year.
♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥
♥Happy New Year♥

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

♥Happy New Year♥


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

☃Merry Xmas and Happy New Year☃

☃From our house to yours☃
Pictured are:
 ♥Renaissance Running on Empty (Jackson)♥
♥Renaissance Tristan's Lady (Izzy)♥

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

☃Merry Xmas and Happy New Year☃

It's been very, very busy here at Renaissance Cotons, so I'm not sure how many more pictures will be coming until after the new year.  This past weekend, we held our "Puppy Open House" for the expectant parents.  It was so nice meeting everyone and it was fun playing with the puppies.  Although the puppies did poop out for a good amount of the time and slept like babies that night, it was fun just the same.  

The puppies will begin to go to their forever homes the 1st weekend in January.

☃Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year☃
☃Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off for 2011☃

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

♥A few pics♥

A few random shots

Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off

Saturday, December 10, 2011

♥Short videos♥

Olive's pups were 4 weeks old yesterday.  Five beautiful girls and one handsome boy.  They are just getting used to their new bigger and better play area.  They LOVE it!

Below are Nevaeh's 5 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls.  They were just finished eating their mush and getting their little faces washed..they are such little piglets.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

♥Attention Renaissance Puppy Owners and soon to be owners♥

For those of you that already have puppies from me, you are in possession of the Renaissance Puppy Booklet.  Some call it their doggy bible.  For those of you that will be getting your puppy soon, there is some information on vaccinating your pup inside this booklet.  I also give a detailed page of vaccination protocol that you are asked to bring to your Vet.
I would like you all to take a few minutes of your time to read this article.  It is about over vaccinating your pup.  We are adamantly against over vaccinating as well as vaccinating yearly.  This article will tell you a little bit about what can happen if you let your Vet talk you into vaccinations that the pup does not need.

This is part one of a series.  I will add more as it comes in.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

♥In the Spirit♥

Monday, December 5, 2011


♥A few pics♥
♥Nevaeh's puppies♥

♥Olive's puppies♥

Have a great Monday
♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The first pic is of Nevaeh's 7 puppies what a mess.
The rest of the pics are of Olive's 6 babies.

 ♥Olive's babies♥

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥