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Monday, May 30, 2011

♥Happy Memorial Day♥

Happy Memorial Day from Renaissance Cotons

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

♥Coton de Tulear 4 week old puppies playing♥

Here are the little guys playing at 4 weeks old.  A couple of them are napping after playing so hard.  Again, these posts are automatically posted to the Renaissance facebook page and the video will not show up there.  Come to the Renaissance Coton Blog to see them in action.

The puppies are still in their high riser roverpen in the downstairs spare bedroom where we all sleep together.  They are pretty quiet during the night.... it's Mom that wakes us up wanting to take her potty breaks in the wee hours of the morning.  This weekend they will be moved into bigger quarters in the family room where they will spend time with our 11 week old new additions from Olive and Koda.  Izzy and Jackson will have lots of fun showing the younger pups how to be a bad puppy, no doubt.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥4 Weeks Old♥

Sweet little babies.  They are really beginning to act like little puppies now.  Playing and wagging their little tails.  So cute.

They just Love Mama's milk

Little Milky Face

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

♥3 week old puppies♥

These posts are automatically posted to the Renaissance Facebook page.  This video will not be posted for some reason, so if you want to view it, you can go to the blog.  If you see a hint of color on the base of their tails, this is how we tell them apart from one another.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

♥Nevaeh's babies are 3 weeks old♥

They are growing like weeds.  Stay tuned for a short video coming later.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

♥Our New Baby Girl♥

Still thinking on the name.  Out of Olive and Koda.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

♥Nevaeh's puppies at 2 weeks of age♥

Mom and pups are doing great.  They are certainly nice and plump.  You just have to love the little boys on their backs airing things out.  Too cute!

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥

♥Our New Hopefuls♥

We are keeping our fingers crossed for these 2 little ones.  To keep our numbers down and to continue producing beautiful and happy little puppies, we only keep the best of the best.  Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don't.  Ahhh the trials and tribulations of a breeder.
Not sure about the names, but for now they are Tristan and Tulea.  If you can only see them in person, their true beauty at it's best.

And Tulea below

We can assure you, it's not easy taking pictures of 9 week old puppies.  Hold them with one hand so they don't fall off the sofa and click with the other.

♥Renaissance Coton de Tulear signing off♥