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Updated: Nov 7, 2014

We are now accepting deposits from approved families for puppies due in November 2014 and December 2014. For more information on this litter or one of the later litters, please contact Lynn at  or phone me at 203-298-0428.  
  Our puppies are always reserved before they are even conceived.  Call for an interview if you want to add a beautiful Renaissance Coton puppy to your family.  You will need to go on our wait list and secure your puppy with a deposit.   Approved families will be put on the wait list in the order that their deposits are received.  

Here is one of our past puppies, Gracie.

  Our puppies are sold before they are even conceived. Approved families are put on the wait list in the order that the deposits are received.


Here at Renaissance Coton de Tulear, we believe that a responsible breeder will secure a number of homes (reservations), for their puppies, before they are even conceived.  Our families know that there is always a chance that a puppy will not be born for them, but since we take only a few reservations per litter, this is usually NOT the case. We think it's MUCH more important that a puppy goes to their forever home at an age where they will bond to their humans and begin their socialization at this most CRUCIAL time in their little lives.  Keeping puppies until they are 3 or 4 months old because there are no homes for them just isn't in the best interest of the puppy...We personally feel it is very irresponsible to breed many litters each year, and on top of that, breeding these litters without having found some wonderful families well in advance.  We have 3-4 litters per year and our puppies are sold before they are even conceived.
Also, we have noticed in our searches that there are Coton de Tulear  breeders who are not putting all of their dogs up on their websites.  Nor are they announcing their litters to the public. We don't quite understand why some breeders are misleading the public on just how many dogs they own, or how many litters they are having each year.  Please ask your breeder if they are representing their kennel honestly by putting all of their dogs and all of their litters on their websites and/or blogs.  It's a huge red flag if they aren't doing this! Hoarding is a disease. It's a very sad fact in the dog breeding world.
We interview all of our families to make sure that a Coton puppy will have a happy and nurturing life.  We do not advertise our puppies for sale on social networking sites such as Facebook.  We feel that if it came down to that kind of advertising to find our pups their forever homes, then it would be time to pack it in.  Again, we do not breed just to have puppies.  We breed only when we have enough reservations to support bringing another litter of Coton de Tulear puppies into the world.  This is the way it SHOULD be done!  This is the way it MUST be done!  Our ethics and morals will never be compromised.