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March 2012

News of Holland:
We are at the international show in Groningen ( Holland) today and we had a lovely day! Shiloh became best female and BOB!!!We are so happy and proud at our little power ranger.
By Rinske Tuinstra of Kennel of Colourful White.

Thanks Rinske for your love and devotion towards Shiloh.

May 2011

Pictured below are Renaissance Shiloh with her new Mommy Rinske Tuintra of the Kennel of Colourful White, located in The Netherlands.  Shiloh won Best Puppy in specialty.  At 3 months of age and being the youngest puppy there, Shiloh placed #4 for Best puppy in show.  We are so proud of Rinske and Shiloh.

Our beautiful International Champion Kazaam has achieved his Grand Championship with the North American Kennel club.  We are so proud of our boy and a big thank you going out to his breeder Valerie Ford.

The very beautiful Kazaam goes Reserve Best in show on both days of the NAKC Rarities show in Hartford, CT on Oct 23rd and 24th. He never missed a beat.  Tail up and wagging and minding his own business in a very crowded and very loud pet expo. Now he will take a winter break and sire some more of his dynamite puppies!

The very beautiful and correct Renaissance Allure (Ally) takes 7 Best of Opposite on October 9th and 10th 2010 at Battlefield Park in New Jersey with the North American Kennel Club (NAKC).  That's our girl!

Bam Bam Kazaam of Cotonnelle takes 3 Best of Breeds in the Rhode Island Classic in Providence, RI on March 6th 2010.  

Bam Bam Kazaam is #1 Coton de Tulear in the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario for 2009. Kazaam also was #1 for Group in 2009 and #6 Overall Dog.  What an awesome achievement.  We are so proud of our little guy. A big thank you going out to Valerie Ford for breeding this beautiful boy.